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Before chatbots became a thing, I wrote about a time when employees could come to the HR department and as they walked through the door the office would recognize them and ask them how they can be helped.

In 2016 I wrote Future Friday: Cognitive Computing and the employee experience about how cognitive computing can be used to enhance the employee experience.

Do people actually have that low an opinion of 13-year-old boys?

I mean, I knew when I was 13 that camels have four legs! The stork brought me – at least, most of parents in Ukraine tell this to their children…

The past year’s swell of enthusiasm for automated interactions facilitated by the likes of AI, virtual reality, and chatbots makes my growing market map of relationship-enabling tools seem almost arcane.

Who needs new, technology-enabled of a relationship—such as sound advice or on-demand academic help—could pop up through a virtual chatbot programmed to answer to your every need?

Amazon is even sponsoring a competition to have Alexa be able to carry on a 20-minute conversation.

With this kind of skill how long will it be before we see a chatbot in the HR department?

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Ergo, you might presume that I’d be delighted with anything with “bot” in its name.

Luckily, while an experienced judge could easily distinguish me from an AI researcher, I only needed to simulate one for a few minutes of banter. Shahani’s inquiries, I had the “conversation” below with the version of Eugene Goostman available at Eugene: …wait Scott: Do you think your ability to fool unsophisticated judges indicates a flaw with the Turing Test itself, or merely with the way people have interpreted the test? He knows all hidden reasons of human-beings’ life and behavior.

It’s possible that there’s a more recent version somewhere else, but this is the only version I was able to access. Eugene: The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Scott: Do you think Alan Turing, brilliant though he was, had trouble imagining that the judges of his “imitation game” wouldn’t think to ask commonsense questions like the ones above—or that, if they did, they’d actually accept evasion or irrelevant banter as answers? I don’t think alan turing brilliant although this guy was had trouble imagining that the judges of his imitation game would not consider to Oooh. Scott: In your opinion, does your existence demonstrate any idea or principle that wasn’t demonstrated just as convincingly by ELIZA, Joseph Weizenbaum’s chatbot from the 1960s? All the bots after it were nothing but weak parodies, claiming to have “revolutionary improvements”. Scott: OK, I’ll count that as the second sensible thing you’ve said (grading generously).

With the explosion of artificial intelligence applications, the use of chatbots is becoming much more common in the workplace.

They are taking on roles as virtual assistants and answering questions about a myriad of topics.

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