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Men pretend to spend money but in fact women do too because life is getting so expensive. The sister is the second in command in terms of annoying the would-be-wife/fiancé or current wife.It is very rare to find an Egyptian man who knows how to cook and if he does after he gets married this habit will stop because his wife will cook. The latter is considered the enemy who wants to brainwash the son for her own interest.They don’t entirely make sense to you once you pause to consider them but they are ingrained in our culture nonetheless, and if one of them is broken, you automatically think must have enough food present to feed a small army and their descendants for at least the next seventeen generations, as well as their extended families in the countryside.The fact that approximately 80% of this food will be left uneaten is entirely irrelevant; it should be there regardless, burdening the dining table with its weight."Letters from Egypt," a blog discussing becoming acclimated in Egyptian society after moving from the US in 2008, along with the lessons and adventures I stumbled upon during my nearly seven years there.“My Mohamed is Different,” or MMD, as told to me by a friend of mine regarding foreign women dating Egyptians (alternately, I prefer MAD - My Ahmed is Different).In every part of the world, marriage, or relationships in general, are pretty hard to maintain.Issues tend to pop up every now and again and sometimes, it's not really anybody's fault.

I mean seriously, would you want to spend your youthful years searching for the "exception" in a country with a 90 million population? I hate to generalize, but unfortunately, there are some personality traits that are common in almost all Egyptian men.

Much like royalty and ancient nobility (except not at all) we Egyptians have our own set of unspoken rules of etiquette.

You’re not sure where they stemmed from, you’re not sure why they exist.

I do not know why we had to go through this topic but we did. My friend believes that marrying a western guy is salvage from some many pains. She told me no matter how he pretends to be liberal or progressive he is, there is a point when he starts to talk in this language “you know what this shirt is a bit open”, “I think your skirt is a bit short”, “I believe your wearing too much make up, there is no need for make up”, “do you have to waste all this time styling your hair every time we go out”.

She believes that I became so neutral because I do not live in Cairo and that I forgot about all the vices of Egyptian men and that she will take the opportunity to wake me up and remind me again of the reality. Ok here are some of what we went through and tried to compare it to western guys.

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    There are two styles of speaking which exist side-by- side: conservative high-style literary language which frequently uses borrowings from Sanskrit, and informal everyday language.