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However, the same installation on my personal laptop of Win7 fails to connect.I tried temporarily disabling the firewall and it still fails.I install subclipse 0.9.108 to access the repository.I create a new repository location and type the URL : " .

You can use Subclipse with svnserve and without Apache. Some more steps were needed: - / - - download path has changed - - is a now, the is part of - - unpack the content (not the folder) of SVNService folder of to the subversion bin folder - Run SVNService as Administrator - - ...svn/ver/8211/trunk/01_Application/Data': 403 Forbidden indicates that you don't have enough permissions to write to the particular repository subtree.You can't solve the problem yourself and you should contact repository administrator or manager for assistance with this.I'm trying to check some code out from a repository, but when I add the repository location, I get the following error: The thing is, if I try to access that repository from a web browser (e.g. It asks for my username and password, and after I enter them, I can see the project tree.Does anyone know why I can access from the web browser but not from STS?

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