Updating maps for mio c230 gps

Installed maps are in green, ready to install maps are in yellow, maps required for activation are in red and maps that must be purchased are in blue.

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Mio More communicates with your GPS device when you connect it to your computer's USB connection and allows you to move data on or off the device.

However, you may want to download maps from other parts of the world.

Thanks go out to all who’ve contributed to this release (even if I unintentionally forgot to give credit to you), including for providing the new, improved Launcher program and the storage memory enhancer.

Amida’s Version 4 Unlock may indeed be easier to install (and Undo), but not having ever tried it, I will not attempt to compare the new version of my Unlock to his, other than to state that they each have their own pluses and minuses over the other, depending on your needs.

Last year, I found the Mio Digi Walker C220 on Black Friday for only 0. It snaps in and out of the mounting bracket very easily (it’s a much better design than the C220, for sure).

I really love it, so I was certainly game to review its upgraded replacement, the C230. The rear of the device has a power switch and a small hole to attach to the windshield mount.

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