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Maybe that's why she's so tough but not all of it, New Jersey can harden the soul but this business can break the toughest as well.

I would recommend this series to cosmetology teachers and students as a must-watch event for classroom discussion.

Sure, you might have an inkling of what each word means, but when taken as a whole you have no clue what those in question are talking about.Australian native Tabatha Coffey, the straight-talking former contestant from Shear Genius, visits struggling salons in Los Angeles and New York, and whips the desperate stylists and salon owners into shape.I would highly recommend using this show as a teaching tool for students who plan to enter the highly competitive field of hairstyling.She's openly gay and has been dating her partner for more than ten years.Coffey is committed to creating wigs for children suffering from childhood cancer and partners with St. Coffey is the author of "It's Not Really About the Hair: The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty", which was published in 2011.

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